My name is Kiwi, a name given to me by a close family friend who is no longer with us, and in honour to her it is the name I now use.

I came to the graffiti scene at what is a relatively late age. Whilst I was studying at university in Leeds I met up with a fellow street artist, who inspired me to work at my art. I left Leeds with very little to my name except fond memories and even better friendships.

I have successfully completed several commissions over the last two years. The challenge of meeting people’s requirements whilst using my own techniques and styles is one that I relish. As such I am always happy to receive requests for paintings. My main medium of choice is a mixture of stencils and freehand work. I usually work on canvas, however I am happy to paint on any surface and truly enjoy BIG pieces.

I am involved in many activities within the art community. At the beginning of 2010 I started an online group within the deviant art site, to promote trades between sticker artists across the world. At the time of writing the group now has over 100+ members worldwide and growing.