I am available for commission work of all types, design and production. All offers are considered, and there is no surface I can/will not paint on. Be it canvas, walls, planters, sheds or more unusual items such as lighters and livestock housing. I will not however paint anything that promotes hate or discrimination.

All commission costs, unless agreed in advance, will be worked out as below.

Materials costs;
                E.g. Paint      £20
                       Tape      £4
                       Canvas  £15
                       Other     £2
Total Materials cost:     £41
Time costs;
              E.g. 2 Hours design
                    10 Hours production
Total Time: 12 Hours
Hourly rate £2 per hour
Total time costs    12 Hours x £2 per hour = £24
Commission fee 20%
Total cost = Total time cost + Total Materials cost
                   = £24 + £41
                   = £65
Total fee = Total cost + Commission fee
                 = 120% £65
                 =£78                                   Final Price to pay
Example only

With a 20% commission fee which is normally charged across all commissions; And an hourly rate to be agreed upon at the start of work.

I am also open to offers from third parties concerning stockist options of my work and prints.

To contact me about commissions or stockist options, emial me at