Heather McGaw 

"I provided Kiwi with a simple photograph and requested that he "do something with it". The result astounded me. He used his vision to bring it to life in a way that I wouldn't have imagined. I couldn't have asked for more. The work was done in a timely manner, but without rushing or compromising on the piece." 

Gaz Clorley 

"The painting that I recieved was a gift for my wedding & the quality of the art & the all round relevance to the situation in the art was awesome! Fantastic spray can quality, no shitty drips or dodgy spraying. A well executed piece. I have also witnessed the quality of the radioactive Squirrel & the Doctor & the quality is the same throughout, fantastic & well done. Anyone who owns one of Kiwis pieces will be very satisfied with the ability of the artist! " 

Rachael Brown 

"I am very impressed with Kiwi's artwork. For those people, like me, who do not really know a lot about the medium of spray paint and stencil art, on first impressions it can seem a rather unrefined way to paint, however the quality of Kiwi's work certainly proves this assumption to be wholly incorrect. 

I own two pieces painted by him, and have several comissioned items, including some which are gifts for friends. His innovative designs and creativity really set him apart from other artists in his genre, and the effects he can achieve with the paint are complex and stunning. 

I would recommend Kiwi for commissioned artwork as he is able to deliver on complex briefs and wherever possible tailors the piece to make it personal. My favourite pieces of his portfolio are the stencil portraits of The Doctors, so I'm sure to be comissionig similar pieces of work in the future!"