Thursday, 21 October 2010

Busy busy BUSY!

So yes it has been a busy week for me. I have to say I really love my job at Waterstones; But it is wearing me out, a lot. The fact that up till tomorrow I'm only working 3 hours a day doesn't really mean too much when you take into account the fact that most of those 3 hours are spent lugging totes full of books around. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, just explaining why I've not been terribly active this week. I come home every day with a list of thnigs to do and the motivation to do them. However by the time I've kicked my mother off the computer (starting to regret letting her near it now :S). I just have no energy left.

Despite this though I have been organising some Hallowe'en activities both here and at The event here would be the great colouring competition, which whilst receiving a lot of interest has not received many entries. In fact none. Which I have to say is a bit of a disappointment to myself, but hopefully the next week will see them all flood in.
The sticker battles on the other hand are doing fantastically, with many great entries. I am very proud of my little vandals from all over the world. Their creativity and ingenuity is astounding sometimes. I promise to show case a selection of which I think are the best and most ingenious entries. Along with links to the battles featuring all entries.

Another development this week is the addition of the third Doctor of Christmas, 'I am your soldier'. This weeks instalment features an 'Ironside' from the third spisode of the Matt Smith series 'Victory of the Daleks'. This was an episode that was slated by a fair few of the fans of the series. Many with the comments that the new Daleks were vaguely reminiscent of a childrens show 'The mighty morphing Power Rangers'. Which is true to a degree. However for me the episode in question featured on of the best concepts involving the Daleks ever. A Dalek making a cup of tea! GENIUS! Also the sight of a camo Dalek with a little Union Jack on it just warmed parts of my geekiness that I can't write about here. Not to mention the little tiny ones on the battle plan ^_^

Next weeks Doctor will feature an even more astounding level of geekiness than has ever been in existence before. It will combine two of my favourite past times, and that is the only clue you will get. You will have to check back on Wednesday to find out :P

Still have lots and lots on my to do list, but it appears the list is doomed to get longer. As starting next week I will have to get up for work even earlier :( But it is only for 3 weeks then I switch to evening/night shifts :D Which as a night owl I am very much looking forward to it.

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