Monday, 28 February 2011

Ontological Terrorism

So as the last post by the gorgeous Vicki said, my operation went well. I've been spending a few weeks resting and recovering and I am feeling much better.

It will still be a few weeks before I can do some heavy lifting and I won't be running for a while yet.

My lack of updates here is not an indication of the fact that little has happened in my life. Just my that I have been too busy, and tired, to write things down.

Most of my work that I've been doing has been limited to sticker work. Not that this has limited the creativity of the work at all. I've been working on a stockpile of stickers for trades across the world and also for mischief when the summer comes. Looking forward to getting out there on the streets during the warmer weather and not only making them prettier; But hopefully making people think a little too.

I have been interested in the concept of ontological terrorism, ever since reading Grant Morrison's graphic novel series "The Invisibles". Ontological terrorism is mentioned by the character King Mob to Mason and when he asks KM what it means he tells him to look it up in the dictionary. For me this is a fantastic example of how Morrison refuses to dumb down to his audience by explaining everything, whilst encouraging them to seek answers to themselves.

To start my campaign of ontological terrorism I have created a series of A4 stickers that question peoples definition of Hero and Villain. Each of the choices for the stickers represents a fictional character from popular culture who is normally recognized by the masses as a clear cut villain or hero. But whom when one studies their character a little more indepth it shows that things are not as clear cut as is believed in the first place.


Hero? Hero? Hero? Hero? Hero? Hero? Hero? Hero? Hero?


Villain? Villain? Villain? Villain? Villain? Villain? Villain? Villain? Villain?

I intend to carry on in the same vein with these stickers with many more "?"s such as Food? and Idol?

Till next time

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  1. SPIKE!!!!!

    I love the whole Hero? Villain? thing, people often don't realise how thin that line is.