Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dirty Work, Afflecks Palace, Manchester


Joining Collaberation inter(nation)al on Facebook was probably the best decision I made this year. I have had a chance to not only get to work with a lot of great artists but also get to know some of them a bit better. And also get to here about exciting opportunities as well.

One of those opportunities is the E4/Don't Panic street summer competition, but that is not what I want to write about today.

What I am writing about today is the fact that one of my fellow collaberators 'Aylos doodles' has opened a brand spanking new store in Manchester's famous Afflecks palace. The store is called Dirty Work and is located on the third floor.

A fantastic emporium containing everything  needed from budding vandal to hardcore artist to create visions of beauty. Also in store is a wonderful selection of art for sale from various talented people. I am extremely happy to announce that my work will also be on sale there. Three canvases are already available and I'm hoping to be able to send out new works on a regular basis.

One of the walls in the shop is also intended to be a sticker wall. A constant changing canvas displaying the best sticker work available. I have put a shout out in my sticker trade groups and sent a pack myself (with several artists, not just myself, inside). I am also asking here and now anyone who is interested/willing to send a sticker pack please email me at and I'll provide an address, that will make sure the get to the store.

(Click here to go to the shops Facebook page)

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