Sunday, 27 November 2011

Music to watch worlds end by.

I am obsessed with Armageddon and the Apocalypse.

Whether it be a zompocalypse, the final days written in some holy book, a natural disaster or something man made. The end of the world to me is not something to be afraid of. It is something to embrace and rejoice in.

After all if nothing was ever broken down how would anything new be built?
Also there is a lot to be said for getting wasted and watching the world burn...

As such here is a recomended playlist for the last big blow out. Enjoy;

Tool: ├ćnema

I love the sentiment behind this one. Very Anarchist like world ending; Wash it all away so sometinhg new can take it's place. We can only hope the replacement is better.

Muse: Apocalypse Please

Another big show stopper of a track from Muse. Love the discordant striking piano playing throughout the track.

Fear Factory:

One for when the smoke clears.

Four Foot Fingers:

For the survivors ;)

Dog Fashion Disco:

Delightfully dark and deranged.

Aileen Quinn singing: Tomorrow

For the irony.

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