Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I can't help but like pickles....

So why is it when I have so many projects going on all I can think about is a nice pickled gherkin? They are I admit extremely tasty, but they give me chronic heartburn. Sometimes the pain is just worth it I suppose.

At the moment there are several things going on in my life. I have recently become officially unemployed. Which has it's advantages time wise but the money side is a bit lacking. So the several commissions I'm working on at the moment are a blessing. I have recently finished one of them; Which was a BBQ and a tobacco tin. I really enjoyed making these pieces not least of all because it gave me an opportunity to use some speciality paint I've been eyeing up for a while. Heat proof black matte spray paint, for both the BBQ and the tin. The true challenge however was finding heatproof glitter to put on the tin. In the end I chose to use heat it up embossing glitter, which suited the piece perfectly.

Tomorrow is another full day for me. I am entering six of my canvases into the Wirral Society of Arts 5th open art exhibition 2010. This is located at the Williamson art gallery & museum in Birkenhead. Mostly this is just so that I can gain the experience, and hopefully publicity, of having my artwork in an established gallery. However there are cash prizes, as yet undisclosed, to be won. I'm still deliberating over which pieces to enter but I do have a few definites.

A few sneak peaks of what's to come;
Customized Kid Robot Munny DIY vinyl toys.
Multi canvas Lego castle painting.
A whole series of Hallowe'en themed sticker packs for sale from my Etsy store.

This blog is a new experience for me. I intend to post on a regular basis, keep all of you abreast of upcoming events and pieces of work for sale.


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