Thursday, 9 September 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year

So it is once again coming to my favourite part of the year, the cold part. There are many reasons why I prefer the autumn/winter half of the year to the spring/summer. Not least of all the fact that over weight and bright pink/red men have their shirts on again, (I’m not opposed to man flesh being on display, just not when they look like unset blancmanges, yurk).

Seriously though, the period from early September to late February has within it most of the best holidays celebrated in the western world. To list a few, Hallowe’en, Bonfire night, My birthday, Thanksgiving (if you’re American), Christmas, New years (Hogmanay for the scots), Valentines day and most importantly the end of the school holidays. The kids going back to school is a big relief to everyone everywhere. No longer do you have to be near smelly, noisy and just plain annoying children whilst you go about your business. Thank the lord for the Elementary Education Act of 1880, which was the first introduction of compulsory education in this country (UK). Without which there would still be children screaming outside my window all day and night, all week.

The last week or so has been a very busy one for myself. On the private side of my life I have been franticly getting ready for my girlfriends birthday, and getting ready for my brother moving back home. Both of which were yesterday. On the business side of my life I have worked on 2 commissions for 3 pieces all of which are now paid for. And will be displayed on both my dA account and flickr as soon as I have express permission and arranged the photos in a manner I am satisfied with.

Most importantly, to myself, I have entered 6 pieces of my work into an open gallery exhibition. One of these pieces was specially painted for this exhibition and I’m hopeful that some if not all will be accepted. The exhibition is the Wirral Society of Arts 5th Wirral National open art exhibition 2010 to be hosted at the Williamson Art Gallery & Museum in Oxton, just outside Birkenhead. For full info on the gallery go visit this

And for as much details that are available at this time for the exhibition itself go here If I am successful in my application to this exhibition then it will be my first official one. To say the least I am very much looking forward to the start of next month.

I will keep updating with progress reports regarding this exhibition. And as a teaser I have many things planned for Hallowe’en, including giveaways and competitions.


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