Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Exhibition is on. Peanut butter on toast.

So yes, the exhibition is on. Three of the six paintings I submitted to the Wirral Society of Arts 5th National Open Exhibition have been accepted. The three works that are to be displayed are;

We're gonna need more bullets by =Sofa-pirate on deviantART

They all float down here by =Sofa-pirate on deviantART

Plate 98 by =Sofa-pirate on deviantART

This will be my first exhibition. But more importantly it will be my first opening/preview night that I have attended. And I find myself wondering, "What the hell do I wear?". There are just too many options, I am something of a hoarder when it comes to clothes :S

On a cheerful note, this week just passed has been national cupcake week. Closely following on from a birthday involving several books about making cakes, I think you can work out most of what I've been up to this week. Yep that's right, eating lots of fresh handmade cake :) These will all be uploaded soon in a brand new baking blog, run by a wonderful baker acquaintance of mine. Including chocolates.

I've also been working on several packs of stickers and a very funky stencil of a building. Lots of pics to follow, now that I am home and not house sitting blogs will be a bit more regular. Two of my highlights from last week would have to be being told by a shop worker that I could have a huge canvas for free. The shop was having a relocation sale, the canvas needed a corner re-affixing, so I got a freebie ;)

ARRGH me hearties! It havin been toirk like a Pirate day just 2 turns o' the sun ago. I had a merry filled day with much skullduggery and swiggins o' the rum. I hopes ye all got up to no good and treated yon wenches like the scurvy dogs ye be.

Plenty more to follow this week, ya scurvy sons o' bilge rats!


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