Monday, 27 September 2010

Pirates, frocks, Dr's and fish finger butties

Only four sleeps till the Wirral society of arts 5th National open exhibition preview night.

That's right just four sleeps before I get to go to my first exhibition premier...
Little nervous. Not always been good around pretentious people, have a habit of saying what everyone wants too but is too polite to say. Hopefully everything will be fine, and there will be plenty of non-pretentious people around to talk too. Still haven't decided what to wear yet, may even go in a frock...
Well maybe not the frock, but pirate?

On another note, it is very nearly October. Which can mean only one thing .... HALLOWE'EN!!!! I love Hallowe'en, the dressing up, the sweets, the walking around at night and the macabre nature of it. How can you not enjoy it? Which brings me to my Hallowe'en bonanza, there will be colouring competitions, give-aways and lots more goodies all month leading up to the big night itself.

Starting next month there will also be a continueing feature around the run up to the Dr Who Christmas special, featuring new and original art work. All of which will be auctioned off for the new year with all profits going to charity. I am in the process of trying to track down a way to contact Matt Smith himself in order to establish which charity he would like the money to go to. So if by any chance someone reading this knows him personally, please let him know.

More blogs to come later this week.
Certainly one on Saturday :)


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