Monday, 3 January 2011

New year; New projects.

So the Christmas period is over. The decorations are down, the food is eaten, unwanted presents returned for store credit, resolutions well and truly broken within the first 5 hours. So you ask yourself what now?

Well that is a question I've been asking myself for a while, 'What now?' And the answers are many and plentiful. But each singular one is not in itself enough. And 'there is the rub' as some medieval drunken sot once wrote. The answer is not so much 'this' or 'that' but more a string of this and then that and more of that followed by some this's. (Try saying that inebriated).

So one of the this, that or even those's is to update this blog more often. Well here I am. Another problem about updating the blog is that although there are many plans in the pipeline not many of them are near fruition. So for now I will have to settle for an update on what the last year brought for me.

Well to begin with the year has been rather cyclic, in that I started it unemployed and finished it that way. Not that I spent he whole year that way, in fact right up until 12am 31st December I was in employment at a book store. Which would seem ideal, but apparently I was not suitable for keeping on after the Christmas period. Unlike the temp who was kept on but who is leaving the country at the end of this month. Oh well they said they'd keep me on the books maybe I'll get a call come February.

I also worked at the local Zoo, a job I left before my contract was up. A perfect example of don't work somewhere you enjoy visiting, especially the catering side.

On the plus side however I have been commissioned for several pieces of artwork, all of which were received with praise (and more importantly payment). I also had three of my canvases displayed in a gallery hosting a selection of artists from up and down the nation. I have also made a few sales from my Etsy account which has not only helped boost my confidence but also helped pay for Christmas.

That pretty much sums up the year 2010 for me, of course more happened but I am striving for succinctness here people.

So as to 2011? There will be more KiwiPirateDeathDance products for your good selves to purchase. Including but not limited to Wormy t-shirts.

Until the next update I have just one request for you all; Think!
It's what's got us this far it may just be a help in the future, don't throw it away yet.

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