Monday, 17 January 2011


Yes I know not a very imaginative title or even a word....

So I sit here typing up a new blog, having been banished from the bed room so that youtube videos can be watched. I am soooo in trouble for saying that :P

So the 12 doctors paintings were all put up for auction and a fantastic amount of £60.20 was raised for shelter. There are still 3 paintings from this series in my possession and they will be auctioned off at the start of the next series, along with a few others, to raise more money for shelter.

Things are actually looking up for me at the moment. Over the space of the last couple of months I have sold 3 of my paintings (not the charity ones). Just goes to show that with the right motivation I can actually make a profit out of my work :D

Another aspect of things looking up for me is that for the last 10 years or so I have had a small hernia. At the end of this month I will be entering hospital to have it fixed. Something that on the one hand I am dreading, never had surgery beyond stitches before. But on the other hand I am looking forward to being able to lift heavy objects again, eat a large meal with out getting sore and not get out of breath so easily. This does however mean that if I want to get anything done over the next couple of months I need to do it now.

It's not a major piece of surgery, I'll only be in the operating room for about half an hour, but it is in an inconvenient place. My stomach. So for most of Feb I will be lying down not able to move much or do much. That in mind I have been pushing myself to do something I have been planning for quite a while.

Introducing the KiwiPirateDeathDance clothing line. I set myself the target of producing 12 designs for t-shirts, it seemed like a good number. As I type this I have actually finished 10 of the designs, well at the tweaking stage anyway. By the end of the month I will have them up and ready for sale. As this is my first outing as a clothing designer, I will be selling the t-shirts through a third party site;

I have heard many good things about this site, and having perused for myself it does seem to offer many good products and services. So after the initial launch of the t-shirt line I will be adding to the range on a regular basis. Including other items such as badges, stickers and maybe even some items such as shoes and bags. Hopefully if the line picks up enough business I may branch out into the selling side myself and get in a third party manufacturer.

So big thoughts, big plans and big changes for this year.
All coming straight at ya'll in the face like day-glo out of sync 3d eye pics

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