Thursday, 26 May 2011

Today's special feature: Wickerman

I am in the process of helping my other half move house and so therefore apart from some internet pimping I have not been up to much art wise.

As such here follows some more internet pimping out of my artistic sensibilities.....

eBay listing of the day,

Today's eBay listing is for the fantastic canvas 'Wickerman'

"The Wicker Man is a 1973 British film, combining thriller, horror and musical genres, directed by Robin Hardy and written by Anthony Shaffer. The film stars Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Diane Cilento, Ingrid Pitt, and Britt Ekland. Paul Giovanni composed the soundtrack. The film is now considered a cult classic." 
Taken from wikipedia, click on the text to see the full page of information.

This film is a magnificent representation of how British horror was at the for front of the film industry for so long. It is neither a slasher flick, a gore fest or a special effect laden supernatural tale where the good guys always win.

It is a fantastic slow paced thriller with a classic ending that still holds the same power today as it did when it was first screened.

The painting that is being listed is of the iconic Wickerman that the film is named after. In many pagan religions sacrifices are offered up to the gods (usually different versions of Mother Earth). Some times these are even blood sacrifices, goats, pigs, chickens etc. Very rarely these days the offerings are of a more gruesome nature, as in real live people. The offerings are placed inside the wickerman which is then set alight during the religious ceremony.

The painting is of the wickerman as it first catches fire, with the flames running up the side and gathering at the base. It was painted with a single layer hand cut stencil in a dark grey over a fire shaded background. The background was a tonne of fun to do, shading in about 12 different colours ranging from canary yellow to deep red/black. The whole thing is painted onto a pre-stetched canvas measuring 30cm x 40cm.

This is now available to bid on at eBay with a starting bid of only £5 and low postage rates. However there is not long left to bid on this item (at time of writing less than 3 days), so get those bids in quick.

I look forward to posting this out to the successful bidder and to painting more for all you people out there.


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