Sunday, 30 October 2011

Between insanities

So fair bit been going on since my last blog.... I know I am awful at keeping you lovely people up to date.
Well at the moment I am waiting for a download of the McGann Docotr Who film, yes the awfully scripted American one, so I decided to pass the time with a quick blog.

Yesterday was my first paid day in my new job. I won't say where exactly, this blog is not about my employment status except with regards to my art work, except that it was of Britain's leading supermarkets. I am to be a till queen ^____^

Last night was also the night that we held a Halloween party at our shiny, not so new now, flat. It was immense fun, lots of booze, food and smokes all round. For the party we had some polystyrene signs bought from the local supermarket saying, Morgue, Autopsy room, Crematorium and Grave yard. So of course we hung them on the doorways and themed each room as best we could.
I have actually spent most of the last fortnight making the majority of decorations for the rooms (including gravestones for the garden, only to have it rain on the night). My biggest regret, even more than drinking so much I was ill, is that I did not take photos beforehand!
Most of the decorations are still up and still in one piece as well. But it just doesn't have the same feel as it did on the night. All I can say is that next year it will be bigger, better and with more gore and torture instruments. (Ran out of time to make bodies to drape around the place, will not make that mistake next year).

One other thing that has happened recently is that I finished the Harley Quinn painting from my earlier blog post. It has now been exchanged for the fee and has taken pride of place in the home of the birthday girl it was bought for ^__^
Here's a few photo's to show just how well it turned out ;)

More art to come soon. Updates galore to get through over the next few weeks. After all CHRISTMAS SOON!

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