Wednesday, 7 December 2011

New Christmas items for sale!

That is right the first 3 of my Christmas special are now up and live for sale in my Etsy store.

For those of you who follow my blog about my art you may remember this picture from my last post;

Well the finished three painting are now up for sale.
Here are the final products with their three different backgrounds to the stencil.

For each one of them I started with a pre-stretched 30cm x 40cm canvas which I then primed magnolia.
For the top Left I went with a Pollock-esque background in reds, greens, browns and yellows. Building up layers of acrylic paint in order to achieve the busy semi-randomness associated with that school of style, before using the hand cut stencils over the top to finish of the piece. This piece can be found for sale right here.
For the top Right I went with a more expressionist style of applying the paint, using a dry brush to 'scrap' the paint across the canvas. Thus creating a rough texture with the 'bare' primed canvas showing through. Again I used shades of red, green, brown and yellows to compliment the colours used within the stencil.
For the bottom one I went with a different approach using not paint but a selection of vintage style Christmas stickers applied semi-haphazardly across the primed canvas thus leaving 'bare' patches to show through.
The white and orange in the original picture were painted using Silver and gold chrome paints respectively on all pieces for that extra piece of sparkle.

There are more canvases to be finished and uploaded for sale. I am having to paint around my Christmas temp job so I won't be finishing them for a couple more days with uploads closely following. Keep watching this space. Also the next ones will be charity orientated sales.

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