Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wormy in love, still no jetpack!

It is very nearly February and that great money spinner for the greeting card companies is just round the corner.
Yep that's right, Valentines day.

Well I say to you, this year, don't put money into mass corporations pockets. This year maybe help out the smaller businesses. A perfect place to do just that would of course be Etsy.com. Dare I even suggest that an even more exact place to start would be my own etsy store.

For right now I have a limited number of handmade Wormy paintings that are just perfect for expressing your love for someone. All of them have a background made of interlocking hearts in either blue, red or purple. And feature a one of a kind design of Wormy in romantic outfits/settings. There is Cupid Wormy, Wormy in love and Wormy saying that one word we all want to hear.

And just to keep you all sweet on me still; Here are some photos to show off that saccharin sweet little guy himself, Wormy!

In other none 'product for sale' news; I have entered 3 online graffiti battles today.
Here are the entries;

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