Sunday, 15 January 2012

Last chance to purchase / Valentines paintings.

That's right my clearance sale is nearly over, with only 2-3 days left to bid. (depending on item).

A further reminder that once the auction is over any items not sold will be white washed and turned into new paintings. Go bid here.

The other piece of news is that this years first paintings should be finished by the end of the day. I've been suffering from a short but nasty cold the last few days, Not fun when ones joints are already pretty darn painful! But I have not let that stop me being productive. Sketches have been made, then inked, photocopied and finally cut out. Also the background has been thoroughly primed and painted.

The paintings will all be on 30cm 40cm pre-stretched canvas and feature Valentines themed Wormys on top of an interlocking heart design. I am also going to try out something new with some semi-transparent pearlescent paint I got a while ago and have been looking for a use for ever since.

I will try to blog tomorrow with the finished pieces and links to where they can be purchase.

I am also planning a massive campaign for Easter with in progress videos and lots of pieces. Keep watching this space.

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