Sunday, 19 February 2012

Easter stencil project: Further updates.

So as per my second to last blog I arrayed a grand total of 21 different cans of spraypaint and got ready to paint. As per my last blog, it rained. A lot.
So I painted other things and waited for the rain to part. After striking a bargain with the great and mighty Thor for a bit of leniency on the weather front I got down to some serious stencil work. It took a couple of days to get through the last 8 layers using four different colour schemes; Below are the progress shots with a brief description of the colour choice for each.

Original colour scheme

The title of these one pretty much covers it. It is the original colour palette used when developing the stencils for the painting. The grey for the screens was achieved by converting all the individual images into greyscale images before compiling and filtering them. I choose to use red for the obey in the background simply for the impact value and the connotations with warnings. The original crucifixion painting used for the foreground image on the screens was from a painting by Francisco de Zurbar├ín; The choice of browns I selected was the best fit for the paintings original colours.

Blue colour scheme

I originally decided to create a limited edition of four colour schemes with only two of them having the greyscale background of screens. Now anybody who has studied the colour schemes around them, done a bit of colour theory or isn't colour blind knows; Blue and grey go well together. Now with this I could have left the 'Obey' on the screens as red for extra shock on the eyes and to create a contrasting bridge between the blues and the greys. However I went with a pale lilac instead for a complimentary bridge between the colours. I think I made the right decision and that it compliments the image very well.

Green colour scheme

For the other two colour schemes I went with a brown (as close as I could get to sepia toned gradient) scheme for the background image of the screens. For the first one of these I wanted to capture more of the old fashioned feel for the paintings. So racking my old memories of computer screens (meaning my first memories of those good old BBC basic computers) with green screens I went with a green colour scheme. For the Obey this time I used Yellow for pretty much the same reason as in the original colour scheme; Both visually striking and associated with warnings. Oh and if you aren't old enough to remember the BBC basic then just don't ask, it won't make any sense to the iPod generation anyway.
Rainbow colour scheme

For the forth and final colour scheme I went for rainbow; With Red being lightest all the way to Purple as the darkest. This colour scheme has a nice little double significance namely; The false colour imaging that is derived from infra-red and also the national flag of gay people everywhere. The first one ties in with the Orwellian vibe going on with whole series of paintings. The second is simple a nice way of pointing out that if there is any group of people other than atheists that Christianity has it in for then it is the homosexuals of the world.

That is all the updates for now. The next stage is to compile all these process shots together and hand them over to my video editor with some banging tunes. Also to have the paintings scanned at hi-res and find a good printers to other limited edition prints of them.

Till next time.

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