Saturday, 11 February 2012

Further Easter shenanigans.

In an update from my last blog, here is more about my Easter project.

So when I was last writing I had finished cutting out all of the layers. They have since all been labelled according to where they lie in the process of painting. The next step after that is lug all my tubs full of spraycans out of the shed and decide which ones to use and which ones to buy.

Well first of all we can rule out the second part of that. I am an artist, we are perpetually poor; Even directly after a big commission the first thing that happens with the money is bills get paid. So instead most of us really on the bits and pieces we can pick up cheap and the left overs from commissions that require new/replacement colours.

For the original colour scheme to be used I required 6 shades of grey, 6 shades of brown (ranging from dark brown to light beige), black and a red. First things first the greys; A long time ago when I had a nice regular wage I invested in the complete set of greys offered in the Montana Gold range. The complete range hosts 10 different shades of grey from slightly darker than white moving up in nice increments to just lighter than dark. To anyone considering making grey scale stencils using 12 shades of grey or less I would seriously suggest investing in them, and a can of black and white too of course. (Scratch that I just checked the site and they've overhauled the whole range).

However I have since purchasing them used them extensively. Which means I have had to make a slight compromise in which shades of grey I would prefer to use. For a more striking image, usually I select the shades to be as far apart as the number needed will allow. However this time the best choices available to me were 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 or 7 for the base coat, with 1 being the lightest grey. I say 6 or 7 on account of I wish to paint at least two with the lower stencil layers in shades of grey. Here are the pics of those first 6 layers (I'm counting the base coat) on the two canvases.

For the browns my choice was a little easier on account of there were simply less choices for me to make. I unfortunately do not have many shades of cream to choose from but I do have many browns. Just enough for me to choose those just right for the pieces. I intend for two of the four editions to have a sepia photograph feel for the background of the image. Hence the photos below, which are almost exact replicas of those above but with the brown shades used instead of greys.

The next stages will be a little bit more difficult as I not only need to scrounge together some more money for black paint, used the last of it up sprucing up some picture frames. I also will be using 4 different colour schemes instead of just 2 this time. So I will be needing the 6 browns used above, 6 greens, 6 blues, a red, a yellow and some surprise colours that I won't be revealing until a later date. My next post will be something a little more light hearted with less words, brighter paintings and fun tales of all that I did during the rainy period.

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