Sunday, 8 January 2012

Last chance to purchase Part 1

As mentioned in my last blog, I have chosen some paintings to recycle.
The day after I finished making the choices I discovered that this weekend was a zero insertion fee event at Holy serendipity Batman!

So of course I have made a start at listing them all on eBay. There are 45 paintings in total that will be listed, already as of yesterday I have listed 22.

All of the paintings, so far, are listed with starting bids of £10 or under, postage is £3 or under (less to UK and Europe) with 10% of all the sales going to Shelter.

Important: Once the listings are over, if they have not sold I will be covering them over to begin new paintings.
This is your last chance to purchase these paintings.

Here are the  paintings listed so far;

These are all listed in an auction style format on eBay right HERE

That is all for now. The second half of the clearence sale will be on eBay later today and I will be blogging today or tomorrow.

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