Thursday, 5 January 2012

New year New look New projects

So the whole Christmas, New years thing is over for another year. And as much as I love that period of the year I can still say thank the gods for that. Working in retail over that period can be a total ball buster and I'm glad that I've got over a week off of work. (None too happy about lack of pay coming in but that's the breaks).

So New year, new look; The blog has been given a design overhaul. What do you guys think? Personally I kinda like it, but then I would, wouldn't I.

As for New projects;

This year I'm starting my seasonal pieces early so as to get plenty of build up. For example I have already design and started the cutting on some stencil paintings for Valentines day. Hopefully I will have them completed and up for sale as of next week. Giving everyone plenty of time to purchase, ship and wrap for the big day. Also all paintings sold through my Etsy shop this year will include a complimentary sticker pack featuring wormy. Packs listed here Small, Medium and Large.

There will be three valentines paintings; All will feature Wormy, be painted onto 25cm x 30cm canvases and feature a delightful interlocking heart background.

I will also be looking through a lot of my 'old' paintings later today and choosing those which I am willing to upcycle into new paintings. Before I do that I will however be giving people a chance to purchase said paintings at knock down prices. I'm doing this because as much as I need to clear space and provide new materials for new works, I would rather see them go to a new owner than be upcycled.

Also for all you sticker trades fans out there; There are now monthly prizes to be won in the sticker trades group at, The groups is here and this years first sticker battle is to create a sticker with the number 2012 as the theme. Prizes are as follow;

1st prize: A sticker pack and a months premium subsrcition to dA,
2nd prize: A Sticker pack.

That's pretty much all I have for now, if I spend all day typing you guys will never read it and I'll have no time left to work in ;)

So just one last thing to say then;


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